Who We Are

dEnergy as part of TCI Control USA, LLC supports an entire global perspective with the identification of suppliers, goods, and services; delivering the best options to the end users. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and with a presence in the Latin American market, dEnergy combines its international network and market contacts with experience and commitment to serve its clients.

dEnergy acts in compliance with international laws, not only offering networking and skills to connect suppliers and buyers, but also close deals and solve problems, should any arise during trade. dEnergy manages situations such as language barriers, and the knowledge and understanding of safe trading practices, procedures, and local customs. The ability of our team to source and secure products, closing a deal, and providing sound advice regarding the intricacies of the trade is key to both end buyers and suppliers alike.

Our Mission

dEnergy’s mission is to connect and bridge cultures around the world through sourcing and securing products and services while adhering to regulatory benchmarks, meeting market challenges and ensuring quality standards. 

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