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Looking for a proven route as your ally in foreign trade? dEnergy is leading the industry in import, export, inspection, audit, and certification services worldwide. dEnergy is here to service and exceed the standards in the oil & gas and agriculture industries.

Import & Export Services

With strong understanding of both local and international customs, procedures, and regulations, we will ensure a seamless trade of services and/or goods for your peace of mind. One of the most important aspects in trading transactions is the integrity of the product, and our inspections background allows us to provide you the highest quality products. We go above and beyond by guiding you through the intricacies of the trade business. At dEnergy you will never feel you are completely on your own.

Inspection Services

Our senior inspectors have over 15 years of experience and perform clean and environmentally safe inspections. We conduct inspections at different stages in the lifecycle of products from development to distribution. Our team protects your interest by reducing your risk of loss, providing personalized recommendations, real-time updates, and reports. 

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