dEnergy provides access to high quality products which follow import and export standards.

  • Diesel: ULSD, Diesel D2, High Sulfur Diesel
  • Gasoline: regular and premium
  • Aviation fuels
  • Fuel oil
  • Condensates
  • Ethanol: fuel and industrial grade
  • Propane and butane
  • Machinery and parts: valves, adaptors, tubes, pipes and others


With us you will have access to multiple terminals in the Americas along the United States’ main ports in different states along the Gulf of Texas region. Additionally, with 30 years of industry knowledge and a strong international network you are guaranteed great guidance throughout your experience with our company.

  • Logistics such as processing, scheduling, monitoring and troubleshooting services for commodities sent by rail, vessel, truck and barge
  • Import and export of oil and gas commodities
  • Customs brokerage
  • Government regulations guidance
  • Local and international transportation and storage


  • Sampling and inspection of crude oil and petrochemical products
  • Cleanliness inspection of vessels and shore tanks
  • Loading and unloading supervision of vessels
  • Rail car, tank, pipeline sampling and quantity control
  • Terminal inventory control
  • Laboratory analysis

Loss Control Services

  • Cargo superintendence
  • Loading and unloading superintendence

Audit Services

  • Study of internal losses in terminals
  • Loss control internal procedures
  • Demurrage audit
  • Specific studies requested by client

Loading and Discharge Control

  • Quality, quantity and weight surveys
  • Cargo conditions control report
  • Time log and demurrage report

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